Vulcanised Fibre

Vulcanised fibre washers are generally used within the plumbing trade where a seal to prevent leakage is required.
Vulcanised fibres absorb the fluid they come in contact with and swell slightly to fill the joint or gap within the pipe of flange.


Our supplier does a lot of work for the water industry so if contaminants are a concern, consider plastics.
We can supply a broad selection of polymers such as PolyEthylene (HDPE/LDPE), Nylon, Teflon, PVC, BakeLite and so on.


Rubber (natural or insertion-reinforced) washers can be supplied in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
If natural rubbers aren't suitable, we can also supply synthesised products (Silicones, Neoprene, etc.).

With a wide range of tools at our disposal, we can cater to a variety of non-standard sizes. Materials other than these can also be sourced as needed